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Seabrook Island Bike Rental Guide


Seabrook Island Bike Rental Guide

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Seabrook Island, South Carolina

Bike Rental Information

Situated only 25 miles from downtown Charleston, Seabrook Island is a luxury gated community open only to residents and guests staying on the island. From the moment you arrive on Seabrook Island, you’re immersed in natural beauty, pristine landscapes, and a pace of life that forces you to slow down and switch to vacation time. 

Seabrook Island encompasses 2,200 acres of serene marshes and tidal creeks, semi-tropical maritime forests, and 3.5 miles of secluded oceanfront splendor with world-class resort amenities and an abundance of eco-friendly nature-inspiredactivities. The best part of your vacation – you don’t need to load up the car to explore the sights, sounds, and serenity of Seabrook Island. 

Biking around Seabrook Island is a safe, fun, and relaxing way for the whole family to explore the island and get some exercise on vacation! The roads and quiet side streets are paved, flat, and shaded with gorgeous live oaks draped in Spanish Moss and the speed limit is slow (and enforced) making it safe – just watch out for local wildlife along the way.

Seabrook Island Bike Trails

Seabrook Island Club Lake House Trail

This trail takes you through the scenic landscape of Seabrook Island, passing by Lake House, a popular recreational facility. The trail offers a mix of shaded and open sections, providing a pleasant ride with glimpses of the island’s wildlife and vegetation.

Seabrook Island Beach Trail

 This trail runs along the beautiful shoreline of Seabrook Island, allowing cyclists to enjoy the calming sound of ocean waves as they ride. The hard-packed sand along the beach makes for a smooth and enjoyable ride. This trail is especially popular at sunrise and sunset when you can take in breathtaking views.

Bohicket Road Trail

For a longer and more challenging ride, you can venture off the island onto Bohicket Road, which connects Seabrook Island to nearby Johns Island and the surrounding areas. This road offers a mix of rural landscapes, waterfront views, and a connection to the Bohicket Marina area.

Palmetto Lake Trail

 This trail encircles Palmetto Lake and provides a peaceful ride surrounded by lush vegetation and serene water views. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a leisurely and scenic cycling experience.

Golf Course Trails

Golf Course TrailsSeabrook Island also boasts several bike-friendly trails around its golf courses. These trails provide a combination of forested areas, lagoons, and well-manicured fairways, giving cyclists a mix of natural beauty and the amenities of the golf courses.

Equestrian Center Trail

If you prefer a more nature-oriented ride, the Equestrian Center Trail is a good choice. It winds through the island’s maritime forests and freshwater marshes, offering opportunities for birdwatching and wildlife sightings. The trail is relatively flat and suitable for most skill levels.

Seabrook Island Biking Rules

Bikers have the right of way on the traffic islands and the speed limit of 25 MPH is strictly enforced keeping the road safe for cyclists to explore Seabrook Island. Please follow the rules of the road, for your safety and the safety of others.

Come to a complete stop at every STOP sign.

Cyclists have the right of way on traffic islands.

If the bike path ends, ride a single file on the right-hand side of the road.

Alert other cyclists and pedestrians as you approach.

Cyclists are required to have lights after dark.

Do not bike on the golf courses or cart paths.

Please do not approach, touch or feed local wildlife.

Bikes may not be ridden on the beach boardwalks.

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